Outreach, What Makes Us Special

Annual Meeting and Luncheon

Every spring we have our Annual Meeting and Luncheon.  It’s a wonderful time to gather as a church family first for worship, and then a luncheon full of delicious food prepared by our parishioners.  We eat and celebrate our friendships all the while catching up on news and events in greater detail.  Once we’re full, we’re ready to get down to business and hear what’s on the agenda for the upcoming year.  2017 promises to be a year of greater outreach into the community – through parishioner volunteer hours to various charities, and to those in which we will financially donate.  We’re also exploring on how to have a greater reach into the world of social media – a world that has exploded in the last decade.  We want to stay focused on our faith while looking towards a future that spreads the Gospel and the work we hope to accomplish.  Please join us and lend your voice to an exciting future.


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