Outreach, What Makes Us Special

St. Vincent de Paul Outreach

Beginning in March, Resurrection Anglican is donating to some very worthy causes. The work being recognized today is that of the St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Store. Pictured here is Maureen and Glen Rice, residents of St. Augustine and church parishioners. They have, for years, tirelessly donated their time every week in helping at the store. We believe in the work St. Vincent de Paul is doing and happily keep them in our prayers and in our tithing. Their mission:
* Provide emergency financial assistance in extreme hardship cases.
* Supply furniture, appliances, household items, linens, shoes and clothing to those in need.
* Supporters of the work release program, migrant workers, and substance abuse rehabilitation.
* Provide major financial support to the St. Vincent de Paul Farm.
* Operate a non-profit thrift shop with proceeds going to the above.
Please join us and thanking Maureen, Glen, and all those who support this worthwhile organization.


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