Outreach, What Makes Us Special

Our Annual Meeting 2017

We had an excellent annual meeting today after a delicious luncheon and Sunday service. Senior Warden, Doug Wedding, presented our goals for 2017 and we’re excited to see how God works in furthering our ministry. Our primary goal this year is to create an outreach program that directly helps others in our community.

Three concepts, we believe, define us as a church:  1. Sanctity of EVERY human life  2. Helping the poor and homeless. 3. Love of our country.

Putting action to words, we will be taking the following steps: devoting funds to outreach every month and volunteer hours by our parishioners.

Our first two outreach opportunities we’re excited about are St. Gerard Maternity Home and St. Vincent de Paul Thrift Shop in St. Augustine. We’ll also continue to work with Clyde E. Lassen Veterans Nursing Home in St. Augustine. Our liaisons for St. Gerard’s are Maureen and Glenn Rice, and our liaisons for St. Vincent de Paul are Lisa and Mike Cumpton. Spearheading the focus on Veterans will be June and Sterling Hart.

We invite any and all community members to join us in worship, learn about our outreach, and become involved in a small but mighty church family. We hope to touch lives and get to know those who need a helping hand, while showing them love as Christ loved us.

“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40




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