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Reverend Christopher Bogosh Ordained to the Preisthood

St. Andrew’s Traditional Anglican Church graciously hosted the ordination of Reverend Christopher Bogosh on Saturday, August 26th. Originally from Boston, Christopher was able to have his family in attendance – a day made even more meaningful with their love and support.

Blog 1

Ordained by our own The Right Reverend Ian D. Anderson, Christopher also had a number of Resurrection Anglican Church’s clergy in attendance. With a full church, beautiful organ music, and a catered luncheon following, it was a highly spiritual ceremony celebrated with great joy and fellowship.

Blog 2Deacon Mark Maurais, from Resurrection, led the processional, assisted in the ordination and read the Epistle. Canon Stephen DelSignore, Rector of St. Andrew’s, delivered a moving sermon on the meaning of the ministerial call.

Blog 3Bishop Ian read the Gospel.

Blog 4Christopher kneels before the altar in presentation before Bishop Ian and other clergy. Here he makes his vows and committment to the Anglican faith.

Blog 5

Blog 6Christopher receives his stole as it’s draped by Reverend Greg Bennett of Resurrection Anglican and Keoka Lake Anglican Fellowship in Maine.

Blog 7A special moment showing the laying on of hands by the clergy, as Christopher is ordained a priest in the Reformed Anglican Church.

Blog 8As Reverend Christopher was formally introduced to the congregation, his sister stepped from her pew and planted a congratulartory kiss on his cheek! Unexpected and sweet!

Blog 9And then, Reverend Christopher celebrated his first communion with the clergy and then the congregants of St. Andrew’s.

Blog 10Canon Stephen administers the chalice to his daughters, Abigail and Meghan, as Reverend Christoper gives blessings to some of the others.

Blog 11Bishop Ian blesses the congregants to “Go in peace, to love and serve the Lord,” in conclusion of the service. Reverend Christopher poses with the clergy at the altar. (L to R: Deacon Mark Maurais, Bishop Ian Anderson, Reverend Christopher Bogosh, Canon Stephen DelSignore, and Reverend Greg Bennett)

Blog 12Reverend Christopher is beaming as he poses with his family inside and outside the church. The woman in the photo frame is his sister, who sadly passed away. We’re all certain she was there in spirit!

We congratulate Reverend Christopher on his ordination and wish him many, many years in service to the Lord and those he ministers to along the way. We’re confident that all of those who know him will be richly blessed by his knowledge and compassion for others.

Blessings and Peace,

+Ian Anderson


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