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The Joyous Season of Advent

Perhaps for young and old alike, the most anticipated season in the year is Christmas.  With festive lights, gifts to give and receive, and the gathering of family and friends, there’s much so look forward to. However, in the Christian church Advent signals a period of profound contemplation.

During the four weeks of Advent we recognize and rejoice in the coming of our Lord.  But, for the faithful, it’s so much more than that.  We see not only Christ’s arrival, but the completion of His earthly ministry.  We ponder the great sacrifice that our Savior, Jesus Christ, made for us by coming to earth as an infant.  He lived a perfect life, died a sacrificial death, and rose from the dead for us.  He saved us from our sins, and because of His great love, we can have life eternal.  Now that’s really a reason to anticipate Christmas!

Resurrection Anglican has been greened and we’re ready to greet one and all who would love to worship with us.  Today we marked Advent 1, and we did so by lighting the first cancle.  Join us each Sunday right up through Christmas as we light a new taper.  Our communion service begins at 10:30 a.m. each Sunday.  Homemade soup, bread, and fellowship follows each service during Advent.  On Christmas Eve we’ll have our regular service in the morning and we’ll sing Lessons and Carols at 6:30 pm with dessert to follow.

Advent 1 fb

The first candle to be lit is the Prophecy Cancle or the Candle of Hope.  It reminds us that God is ever faithful and keeps His promises.  All hope comes from God!

Collage 1

Our beautiful tree is up and gleaming in many colorful and symbolic ornaments.

Collage 2

We welcome you to come and worship with us each and every Sunday, rejoicing in the  birth of the Christ child!

+Ian Anderson

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