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The Consecration of Bishop Stephen DelSignore

During a joy-filled Sunday service this past weekend, Reverend Canon Stephen DelSignore was consecrated as the Suffragan Bishop for the Diocese of the Resurrection. In a deeply moving service, Bishop Stephen was elevated to this honorable office because of his unwavering devotion to his growing congregation, his outstanding leadership, and his desire to serve God to the fullest measure. Our Diocese is blessed to not only have Bishop DelSignore serving as the rector of St. Andrew’s Traditional Anglican Church in Middleborough, Masachussettes, but also as a highly respected leader in the National Church.

In a church filled to capacity with parishioners, family, and friends, Bishop Stephen was consecrated by our own Presiding Bishop, The Rt. Reverend Ian Anderson. Also participating in this blessed event was Bishop Del Murray from Florida, Bishop Dwight Irons from Georgia, Bishop Geoff Hubler from Virginia, and Reverend Greg Bennett, and Archdeacon Mark Maurais, both from Florida.

After the beautiful service, coffee was served at St. Andrew’s as a light refreshment before an outstanding luncheon at the LeBaron Country Club. Those who traveled from our congregation at Resurretion Anglican were so happy and honored to be a part of this truly momentous occassion.

We’re pleased to show you lots of photos from this very special Sunday service.

Blog 4.jpg

Archdeacon Mark Maurais, The Rt. Reverend Ian Anderson, Reverend Greg Bennett attending the consecration of Reverend Stephen DelSignore.

Blog 1

This is the processional at the start of the service at St. Andrew’s. Linda Kirschner, St. Andrew’s gifted organist, provided a morning of beautiful music.

Blog 2

Reverend Stephen’s stole, pectoral cross, Bishop’s ring, and a new Bible presented by his congregation await him.

Blog 5

Bishop Dwight Irons read the Gospel at the start of service.

Blog 6

The sermon was delivered by Bishop Geoff Hubler. He helped us all come to a deeper understanding of the role and the calling of a Bishop.

Blog 7a

Canon Stephen is presented and spoken for by his Senior Warden, Joe Pereira. What a beautiful testimony it was, highlighing Canon Stephen’s devotion to his church and his family.

Blog 8

Canon Stephen is presented first with his pectoral cross, then his Bishop’s ring.

Blog 9

Next, Canon Stephen is draped with his new stole.

Blog 14

Then his new Bible is given to him. All the clergy then lay hands upon him, participating in the consecration.

Blog 11

The new Bishop showing everyone his joy and his beautiful new crosier.

Blog 12

The communion elements were brought to the rail by Bishop Stephen’s lovely daughters, Meghan and Abigail. A final blessing by Bishop Ian and Bishop Stephen and a closing hymn bring the ceremony nearly to the end.

Blog 13a

After the service the newly consecrated Bishop Stephen offered private blessings to those who wanted one.

Blog 15

Blog 16

On a personal note:  I always look forward to traveling to Middleborough, Masachussets and visiting St. Andrew’s Anglican Church. But, this church is more than a historic building in a tranquil rural setting. It is a vital and alive congregation filled with some of loveliest folks I’ve had the pleasure to know. They are warm, welcoming, and filled with the Holy Spirit. They love one another and they love and support their pastor. They give and then give some more, showing us a living example of the body of Christ. Their example of reverent worship, unwavering kindness, and refreshing humbleness is beacon of hope in a growing secular world. Thank you for welcoming me and my wife, Robin, allowing us to come among you and worship. We love you all!



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