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Our Annual Meeting 2018

Ian Collage

We had an excellent annual meeting on February 4th after a delicious luncheon and Sunday service.  Senior Warden, Doug Wedding, presented our goals for 2018 and we’re excited to see how God is working to further our ministry.  Our primary goal this year is to increase our local outreach ministries, particularly those that directly impact so many in our community.

In working towards those goals, Resurrection Anglican will now double our monthly monetary contributions to St. Vincent de Paul Thift Store and St. Gerard Maternity Home,  both in St. Augustine.  Our long-term goal will be to contribute 10% of our yearly revenue to these worthy organizations.  We have also made worthwhile material contributions in the way of donated goods and products.  We are so thankful for two families in particular that have paved the way in developing these ministries – the Cumptons and the Rices.  We are grateful for their time and abundant generosity in spearheading this campaign of giving and outreach – their open hearts are a blessing to all!

What else is on the horizon at Resurrection Anglican?  We’re looking to increase our membership by encouraging each congregant to invite a friend or neighbor on Visitors Sunday – to be scheduled once per quarter.  We look forward to sharing our vision – and the Gospel – with others.  Perhaps with added growth in numbers, we can look for ways to grow our facilities and be of an even greater impact on those we would love to serve.

We invite any and all community members to join us in worship, learn about our outreach, and become involved in a small but mighty church family.  We hope to touch lives and get to know those who need a helping hand, while showing them love as Christ loved us.

Doug Collage



“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Outreach, What Makes Us Special

Annual Meeting and Luncheon

Every spring we have our Annual Meeting and Luncheon.  It’s a wonderful time to gather as a church family first for worship, and then a luncheon full of delicious food prepared by our parishioners.  We eat and celebrate our friendships all the while catching up on news and events in greater detail.  Once we’re full, we’re ready to get down to business and hear what’s on the agenda for the upcoming year.  2017 promises to be a year of greater outreach into the community – through parishioner volunteer hours to various charities, and to those in which we will financially donate.  We’re also exploring on how to have a greater reach into the world of social media – a world that has exploded in the last decade.  We want to stay focused on our faith while looking towards a future that spreads the Gospel and the work we hope to accomplish.  Please join us and lend your voice to an exciting future.