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Holy Week Services & Times

Hello Friends,

Holy Week is fast approaching and it’s a bit earlier this year. Here’s the schedule for worship at Resurrection Anglican Church. We hope many will join us, especially for Easter Sunday. We’ll be having a egg hunt for the kids, and a delicious Easter Luncheon immediately following the service. All are welcome!

Holy Week Schedule 2018 fb

What Makes Us Special

Meet Mary, Our New Organist

Mary 1 fb

We are so pleased to welcome a new organist to Resurrection Anglican! Her name is Mary Holbieson and she comes to us with great talent and experience.  Mary has an MA in Sacred Music, therefore bringing a deep classical background to our weekly worship service.

We were so saddened by the passing of our long-time and beloved organist, Ray Bradley, and we feared our wonderful organ would gather dust in his absence.  Yet again, God provided for us in sending Mary to fill our sanctuary with the sound of beautiful hymns!

We welcome Mary and invite everyone who loves traditional worship music to join us each and every Sunday!



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Bible Study: A Journey with Jesus in Lent

Journey with Jesus Class 2018 fb

Reverend Christopher Bogosh will once again be teaching an excellent Bible study beginning February 18th. This study is called A Journey with Jesus in Lent. Participants will learn the purpose of the Lenten season in the Anglican Tradtion, with the Journey begining the day after Ash Wednesday and continuing until Palm Sunday.  Rev. Chris will help us to learn ways to grow in grace, kill remaining sin, resist temptation, cultivate faithfulness, and keep in step with the Spirit, so that on Easter morning the joy of Christ’s resurrection will fill the soul with newness of life.

We hope you’ll join us either in church or through a video posted after each Sunday’s lesson.  Classes begin each Sunday at 9:30 am with regular service to follow. Please see where to buy the companion book for the class and each week’s free lesson video under Bible Studies in the top navigation bar.




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Our Annual Meeting 2018

Ian Collage

We had an excellent annual meeting on February 4th after a delicious luncheon and Sunday service.  Senior Warden, Doug Wedding, presented our goals for 2018 and we’re excited to see how God is working to further our ministry.  Our primary goal this year is to increase our local outreach ministries, particularly those that directly impact so many in our community.

In working towards those goals, Resurrection Anglican will now double our monthly monetary contributions to St. Vincent de Paul Thift Store and St. Gerard Maternity Home,  both in St. Augustine.  Our long-term goal will be to contribute 10% of our yearly revenue to these worthy organizations.  We have also made worthwhile material contributions in the way of donated goods and products.  We are so thankful for two families in particular that have paved the way in developing these ministries – the Cumptons and the Rices.  We are grateful for their time and abundant generosity in spearheading this campaign of giving and outreach – their open hearts are a blessing to all!

What else is on the horizon at Resurrection Anglican?  We’re looking to increase our membership by encouraging each congregant to invite a friend or neighbor on Visitors Sunday – to be scheduled once per quarter.  We look forward to sharing our vision – and the Gospel – with others.  Perhaps with added growth in numbers, we can look for ways to grow our facilities and be of an even greater impact on those we would love to serve.

We invite any and all community members to join us in worship, learn about our outreach, and become involved in a small but mighty church family.  We hope to touch lives and get to know those who need a helping hand, while showing them love as Christ loved us.

Doug Collage



“Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.” Matthew 25:40

Bible Study, What Makes Us Special

The Book of Revelation: A Bible Study for 2018

Reverend Christopher Bogosh has received high praise for his thoughtful, in-depth, and enthusiastic approach to various books of the Bible.  Resurrection is so blessed to have him teachning once again this January 2018.

Our newest Bible study will be on the Book of Revelation – considered daunting by some, wildly interesting by others, and difficult by many.  Allow Reverend Chris to unravel some of the confusion and you’ll marvel at this fascinating book outlining our end of times.

Bible study begins this Sunday, January 7th and continues throughout the winter. Course materials will be available for a nominal fee at week two.

We look forward to having you join us on this compelling journey into the Book of Revelations!  Oh, and stay for service afterwards with coffee, pastries, and fellowship!


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